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...sometimes it's difficult to not be disappointed.

Oh, well.

(As a side note, we have a stupid assignment to keep a journal daily. I did poorly the first part of the semester, so I'm going to make an effort to keep up with it now. As part of my motivation, I will update livejournal at the same time, so woo4you?)

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More proof that Google is Skynet.

The purchase also raised privacy issues because it would give Google "sole control over the largest database of user information the world has ever known"

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What happened to postsecret?!
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I saw that someone posted about Kevin Smith directing an episode awhile back.

It's not gonna happen, apparently. =/

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The play I posted back in December will be read at the ASU Theatre Festival. Yay. :)

(The guy in charge told me the only reason it's not being staged is because it has so many speaking roles and so many people on stage...the few plays that are being staged have 4 or less characters. The other play that is being read has 5, I think.)

I believe it's a total of 7 plays being done. I saw four last night at the auditions, not including mine, and I know two more are probably going to be read at tomorrow's auditions.

Yay. =D

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Dear Aaron,

Where ya been?!

Hope all is well.


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So we have to write 10-minute plays for my creative writing class. And I was at a loss as to what to write about. I was going to write about something that I'd have to research and everything...and honestly...I think it would have been boring.
So last night I came up with a new idea.

"If fairytales happened in real life..."

So...creative suggestions that you don't mind me using/changing/expanding would be appreciate.

Something like...If Cinderella were real, there would have been no ball for Cinderella. Because fairies don't exist. (Or she would have gone to the ball, the prince would have slept with her and forgotten her name the next morning. I dunno.) creative and help me do my homework!
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Harry Potter Series To Have Fatal Consequences

LONDON-- J.K. Rowling has always hinted that one or two characters might die in the final installment of her popular Harry Potter series, but now she is intimating that everyone, including Harry, will be killed in the final book.

Rowling, who is reportedly now richer than the Queen of England, has decided that enough is enough, and that it's time for all good things to come to a bloody end. Without giving away the ending, the incredibly-successful British author has pretty much implied that all of the characters, including Harry Potter himself, will be utterly and permanently killed.
The announcement comes as more than a bit of a shock to Harry Potter fans, who have come to love the adventures of the boy wizard and his friends.

"I was never tempted to kill [Harry Potter] off before the final because I’d always planned seven books," said Rowling. "But now, I've got so much bloody money, what's the point? I don't want to be that person who wins the lottery one night and goes back to work the next day. I'd rather get gang-shagged by a group of horny Death Eaters."

But what about the ridicilously-profitable Harry Potter franchise?

"I'm already filthy rich," said Rowling, who has assets in excess of one billion dollars. "I don't need to write screenplays, sequels, or spin-offs. I don't need to write at all. But I'm so bloody famous, if I had to, I could probably scribble a few words in lipstick on a cocktail napkin and make the New York Times bestseller list."

Rowling isn't the slightest bit concerned that ending the series violently will affect her reputation as an author.

"I don't care anymore," said Rowling. "This last book could be the worst bit of dribble ever written and I'll still make enough cash off of it to buy Buckingham Palace."

So how does Rowling intend to accomplish this fatal finale for the Harry Potter series?

"I haven't decided yet," said Rowling with a crazy grin. "Perhaps Hermione accidentally invents the Avada Kedavra virus and it infects everyone. Maybe Voldemort gets the Dementors to massacre them all over Christmas. Or maybe the broomsticks get charmed and impale everyone in a bloody, violent act of magical rage. It makes no difference. By the end of the book, there won't be a single living wizard, muggle, giant, or griffin. For all I care, they could all choke on gillyweed in the first chapter. I'll still sell 50 milion copies."

Although not official, the tentative title for the seventh book is called "Harry Potter And the Book Where Everyone Dies"

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Batman Begins - $14
Equilibrium - $10
Swing Kids - $6
Reign of Fire - $7
Little Women - $10
Shaft - $9
American Psycho - $10

If you get the connection, you get a cookie! (Other than Muse, of course. :p)

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